Who are we and why do we exist 

Fire & Flux Coaching is a collective of highly experienced coaching and performance development professionals who, through a shared philosophy, exist to help organisations, individuals and communities critically engage with their ultimate concerns through challenging and developing their relationship to them. We do this through an evidence-based approach, innovative practice and dash of artistry in order to achieve:


A global, sustainable, conscious existence where uncertainty is embraced for its potential.


To understand and optimise the lived-experience.



Fire & Flux Coaching uses the advanced study of existential phenomenology with innovative use of Virtual Reality (VR) to bring understanding, clarity and effective action to individuals and organisations 'lived-experience'; through VR coaching,  VR strategy facilitation or VR Scenario Planning - all of which are underpinned by our values and assumptions whilst adhering to a phenomenology method. Our work is descriptive, non-judgmental but challenging and supportive.   


Courage | Creativity | Humility


We view existence as finite, one with limited possibility to realise meaningfulness and purposefulness. Our inherent freedom to make choices comes with it an inescapable anxiety about correctness which is only countered through decisive action. We assume all individuals are connected and collective action brings about the greatest chance for sustainable actions.    

OUR OFFerings

We offer flexible, immediately accessible, convenient and immersive coaching experiences to really untangle and grasp the cause of yours, or your organisations, most intractable problems- and here's how...